1 de dezembro de 2012

30 Day Challenge: The Wanted

DAY 1 - Favorite band member? Nathan Sykes 
DAY 2 - Favorite song from ‘The Wanted’ album? Personal Soldier
DAY 3 - Favourite B-side song? Iris
DAY 4 - Do they have a song that can make you cry? Which one? Warzone
DAY 5 - Of all of their songs, which do you relate to the most? Gold Forever
DAY 6 - Favorite music video? I Found You 

DAY 7 - Favourite WantedWednesday flip/clip? Brazil #nicely

DAY 8 - Favorite Twit Pic that The Wanted have posted?

DAY 9 - Favorite tweet by Tom Parker?

DAY 10 - Favorite tweet by Siva Kaneswaran?
DAY 11 - Favorite tweet by Jay McGuiness?

DAY 12 - Favorite tweet by Nathan Sykes?

DAY 13 - Favorite tweet by Max George?

DAY 14 - Favorite tweet by The Wanted boys?

DAY 15 - Favorite interview that they have done? 
The Wanted on Celebrity Juice

DAY 16 - If you could ask The Wanted 5 things, what would they be? Geek stuff.

DAY 17 - Do you own any of their merchandise, other than their CD’s? 
Our Story, Our Way is on the way (:

DAY 18 - Are any of The Wanted boys following you on Twitter? No :|

DAY 19 - Favorite song that The Wanted have covered? Iris

DAY 20 - Who do you wish The Wanted would do a duet with? McFly

DAY 21 - A song you could never get tired of listening to and why? Warzone, it's so strong, sad and has a beautiful Nathan's solo!

DAY 22 - The last song you listened to? Weakness

DAY 23 - A random fact that you know about The Wanted? They play Call of Duty *-* 

DAY 24 - Favourite picture of Max George?

DAY 25 - Favourite picture of Nathan Sykes?

DAY 26 - Favourite picture of Jay McGuiness?

DAY 27 - Favourite picture of Tom Parker?

DAY 28 - Favourite picture of Siva Kaneswaran?

DAY 29 - Favourite picture of The Wanted?

DAY 30 - Write a paragraph about the things you love about The Wanted. Ok, Ok. I'm not gonna do this.

That's all xx

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